Cricket Lovers (SA) seeks to encourage young South Australian cricketers by presenting an Annual Young Male Cricketer of the Year Award (Gerald Fishpool Memorial Trophy) and an Annual Young Female Cricketer of the Year Award.

In addition, MICHAEL WOOLEY AWARDS are made in honour of our Life Member, who died on 8 May 2013, and are awarded to members of Special Olympics.

The recipients of the awards are chosen by the Cricket Lovers Committee.

2018 Young Male Cricketer of the YearLloyd Pope (Kensington C.C. + Strikers)
2018 Young Female Cricketer of the YearTabatha Saville (Strikers)
2018 Male Encouragement AwardJosh Hoffmann (Glenelg C.C.)
2018 Female Encouragement AwardRachel Church (Kensington C.C.)
2018 Michael Wooley AwardStephen Palmer (Blind Cricketer)

Past Recipients

2017Lloyd Pope (Male)(Kensington C.C.)
2017Amanda Wellington (Female)(Port Adelaide C.C.)
2017Josh Hoffmann (Male Under 17)(Glenelg C.C.)
2017Eliza Doddridge (Female Under 18)(Kensington C.C.)
2017Stephen Palmer (Michael Wooley Award)(Blind Cricketer)
2016Michael Cormack (Male)(Adelaide C.C.)
2016Tabatha Saville (Female)(Southern Districts C.C.)
2016Alex Reardon (Male Under 17)(Adelaide C.C.)
2016Ellen Falconer (Female Under 17)(West Torrens C.C.)
2015Patrick Page (Male)(Tea Tree Gully C.C.)
2015Shae Daly (Female)(Kensington C.C.)
2015Ayden McGregor (Male Under 17)(East Torrens C.C.)
2015Emma Debroughe (Female Under 17)(Sturt C.C.)
2014Thomas Andrews (Male)(Woodville C.C.)
2014Samantha Betts (Female)(Port Adelaide C.C.)
2014Jake Winter (Male Under 17)(Glenelg C.C.)
2014Elle Falconer (Female under 17)(West Torrens C.C.)
2014Simon Riggs (Michael Wooley Award)(Special Olympics)
2014Lindsay Drowley (Michael Wooley Award)(Special Olympics)
2013Cameron Valente (Male)(Adelaide C.C.)
2013Amanda Wellington (Female)(Port Adelaide C.C.)
2013Kylie Rattray (Female Under 18)(Southern Districts C.C.)
2012Travis Head (Male)(Tea Tree Gully C.C.)
2012Tahlia McGrath (Female)(Southern Districts C.C.)
2012Kelvin Smith (Male Under 18)(West Torrens C.C.)
2012Alexandra Price (Female Under 18)(Sturt C.C.)
2011Kane Richardson (Male)(East Torrens C.C.)
2011Megan Schutt (Female)(Sturt C.C.)
2011Travis Head (Male Under 18)(Tea Tree Gully C.C.)
2011Jessica O'Reilly (Female Under 18)(Southern Districts)
2010James Smith (Male)(West Torrens C.C.)
2010Stephanie Morrison (Female)(Sturt C.C.)
2009Peter George (Male)(West Torrens C.C.)
2009Sarah-Jane Jameson (Female)(Kensington C.C.)
2008Andy Delmont (Male)(Adelaide University)
2008Julie Woerner (Female)(West Torrens C.C.)
2007Jason Borgas (Male)(Sturt C.C.)
2007Lisa Wundenberg (Female)(Northern Districts C.C.)
2006Cullen Bailey(Sturt C.C.)
2005Daniel Cullen(Adelaide C.C.)
2004Ben Cameron(Tea Tree Gully C.C.)
2003Shaun Tait(Sturt C.C.)
2002Callum Ferguson(Prospect C.C.)
2001Paul Rofe(East Torrens C.C.)
2000Luke Williams(Adelaide C.C.)
1999Daniel Harris(Woodville C.C.)
1998Graham Manou(Northern Districts C.C.)
1997Nathan Adcock(Sturt C.C.)
1996Chris Davies(Southern Districts C.C.)
1995Anthony McDonald(Kensington C.C.)
1994Brad Young(Port Adelaide C.C.)
1993Brett Swain(Adelaide University)
1992Cameron Williamson(Adelaide University)
1991Tim Neilsen(West Torrens C.C.)
1990James Orchard(Sturt C.C.)
1989Gary Wright(Prospect C.C.)
1988Chris McGowan(Adelaide University)

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