Cricket Lovers (SA) actively encourages new membership and invites members of the public to join.
Cricket Lovers welcome new members and we’d love to have you join us. As a new member, you’ll get 50% off the price of your first event.

Benefits of Membership

Members of Cricket Lovers (SA) enjoy many benefits, including:

Membership Subscription

An annual subscription fee applies to all Members of the Cricket Lovers. There is no joining Fee.

Full Membership$20.00

To apply for membership, print and complete a copy of the Membership Application and mail, together with subscription payment, to:

The Treasurer
Cricket Lovers (SA)
21 Sauvignon Court
Wynn Vale, SA 5127
Membership Application

How To Join Cricket Lovers welcomes and encourages new members. Members enjoy 1.Hearing interesting cricket identities (approx 6 times a year, generally at the Regal Park Motor Inn, Barton Terrace East, North Adelaide). 2.Annual Dinner 3.Quiz Night. To find out more about joining see the Membership page.